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“This is a big deal for people with MS.”   On Tuesday night — after decades of false starts, struggles to persuade disbelieving colleagues, and a tortuous path through the maze of drug discovery — Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG announced that the Food and Drug Administration had approved its new drug for MS based […]

When I Walk- Multiple Sclerosis

Jason_DaSilva Jason DaSilva tells a brave and remarkable story in When I Walk. He was already an accomplished documentary filmmaker (Lest We Forget, Olivia’s Puzzle) by the age of 25. If there is glamour in the world of documentary, DaSilva garnered his share of it with his intelligence, good looks and genial manner, and he […]

Images of Multiple Sclerosis

  Would you like to Join the MSstation™ – Multiple Sclerosis Radio/TV Annual  “Images of MS” Production in 2015?  1) Join our Group:  MSstation™ Multiple Sclerosis Radio (THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUP) 2) Post your Photo 3)  Message in Post: “ADD ME TO THE NEXT IMAGES OF MS VIDEO!” YOUR NAME DATE OF DIAGNOSIS FAVORITE QUOTE MSstation™ on YouTube Then MSstation – Multiple […]

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