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Thank you, for choosing to listen to this email!

First I would like to congratulate you on what you’re doing for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Disabilities and/or other Chronic Illnesses!
I must ask…
Do you believe you are reaching a broad enough population to do your business justice? Or can you imagine your Organization, Service or Product commanding an incredibly high demand, almost instantaneously , as we connect you to your target audience, with ease?!

As a person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I have learned how diverse and limited the abilities of persons with MS, disabilities or other chronic illnesses may be. Due to our various challenges… (Visual, Auditory, Cognitive, etc.) possessing knowledge or access to your Organization, Service or Product may become almost impossible!

We may require various methods and outlets to access information, while trying to research for an Organization, Service or Product, such as yours.

MSstation™ eliminates the unnecessary demands of internet searching.
Our attractive, user and disability friendly website is the ideal platform to feature your Organization, Service or Product!

MSstation™ is the Largest National Recognized Multimedia Network built for Individuals affected directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, Disabilities and other Chronic Illnesses!
We consist of 7 Network Websites!
Our extensive collaborations include, Medical Researchers, Multiple Sclerosis Organizations, Radio and TV Broadcasts, Authors, Readers, Bloggers/Vloggers, Health and Wellness and Spiritual Radio!
MSstation’s websites have over 200,000 visits per month! …and for hours at a time!!
Our Prestigious Research Team and Advisory Board Members is expanding daily!

Dr.Terry Wahls of the Wahls Protocol, Dr. Brooke Ellison Director, Researcher and Advocate for Stem Cells Research and CCSVI Physician Dr. Michael Arata are keeping us updated on various revolutionary treatments and Clinical Trials.
We don’t plan on stopping before we cure all chronic illnesses!

I assure you, your Organization, Service or Product would absolutely benefit from our extensive services!

I welcome you to a moment to peruse the MSstation™ – Multiple Sclerosis Radio’s websites ( I also invite you to check out MSstation™’s monthly Newsletter. You may read more about our magnificent advancements, testimonials and stats there.

When you have realized MSstation is the PERFECT PLATFORM to showcase your Organization, Service or Product, simply click on the[FEATURE ME] tab located in the footer. Or call our CEO Rae Edwards at (877) 436-7116.

Thank you, for taking the time out to listen to this email. I look forward to partnering with you, in helping to make the life of individuals with disabilities and other chronic illnesses easier.

P.S. When you call Rae Edwards at (877) 436-7116 for more details, within a week of receiving this email, Rae will offer a 10% discount on your order, upon mentioning my name. Thanks again!

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